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Although commonly used for decades throughout the far east and Europe, variable refrigerant flow, or VRF, systems have been available in North America for only about the last 15 years.

VRF is characterized by its superior energy efficiency, design flexibility, and rapid return on investment for Centennial, CO managers and business owners an array of commercial applications. In general VRF technology provides for the ability for multiple indoor units or zones to operate at the same time.

They can be either a heat pump or a heat recovery system that can provide heating, cooling, and ventilation simultaneously.

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While we are trained and service VRF systems from a number of manufacturers we feature LG HVAC systems. An air-source LG VRF system is engineered to operate with minimal or no ductwork. It can provide exceptional temperature and humidity control by rapidly adapting to change conditions. The benefits of an LG VRF system include:

  • Efficient Design:
    Without the need for large scale ductwork, VRF does not suffer typical duct losses typical to conventional systems. The use of efficient variable speed scroll compressors and motors and inverter technology achieves operating savings levels that were impossible with conventional unitary systems.
  • Zoned Controls:
    VRF monitors and reacts to the energy needs in each zone and can shift loads as needs and the operating parameters of variable building zones change based on occupancy, solar gains or other load factors.
  • Controls:
    VRF offers individual control comfort for each zone, as well and central reporting and software for system monitoring, maintenance and security.
  • Configuration flexibility:
    LG offers a variety of outdoor unit sizes and indoor unit configurations including wall units, ceil cassettes, concealed ducted. ceiling/floor convertible, and conventional air handlers. All LG systems are quiet an accurately control the temperature and humidity of every space.

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