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Commercial System Automation in Centennial, CO

Your large scale retail building, industrial center, hotel, or conference center depends on consistent reliable heating, cooling and ventilation systems to operate successfully. At Hytek Air Systems we offer installations, repair, and planned maintenance services for these applications. Commercial boilers, chiller systems, PTACs, and make-up air systems and commercial control systems offer unique challenges. We have the licensed and insured commercial HVAC specialists to help you understand your HVAC systems and provide consistent reliable maintenance services to ensure consistent performance and the lowest possible operating cost.

Typically BAS systems connect your HVAC equipment to sensors and microprocessors that most commonly communicate with a computer, peer to peer network or cloud-based server system. Managers and sometimes service providers like Hytek Air Systems can then access these automation programs in a secure environment to view and interact with your HVAC system to maintain performance, troubleshoot problems, and plan efficient repairs.

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Building automation benefits include:

  • Equipment scheduling that can improve efficiency and client comfort by setting operating conditions based on the schedule required for each building or area.
  • Optimal start: an adaptive learning system that can monitor weather and ambient conditions and make operational changes based on the conditions observed. This improves system efficiency and client comfort.
  • Energy use monitoring to optimize energy consumption and avoid unnecessary charges.
  • Building operator alerts that flag abnormal operations and initiates appropriate responses.
  • Tracking tenant use and energy consumption.

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